Service Technology

Professional and customer-oriented services

We are committed to providing you a variety of maintenance and refurbishment services that cover all needs and are tailored to suit your requirements. From basic periodic inspections, to full residential service contracts where a Lödige team is based in your facility 24/7 providing support based upon guaranteed service levels.

Maintenance services are delivered by experienced technicians according to service levels agreed according to your specific demands. Lödige experts take full responsibility for the performance and long term condition of your material handling system which means fewer callbacks and inconveniences for your tenants and customers.

 We provide services for:

  • Air Cargo Systems and Equipment;
  • Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems;
  • Aircraft Maintenance Facilities;
  • In Flight Catering Systems;
  • Automatic Car Park Systems;
  • Order Picking Systems;
  • Ground Support Equipment;
  • Goods/Passenger Lifts;
  • Lifting Platforms;
  • Overhead Crane Systems;
  • Automated windows, doors and gates.

Our many years of service experience and local presence mean we understand your material handling equipment needs.


We offer maintenance agreements with different levels of cover to provide you with long-term reliability at the lowest cost.


Retro-fitting or enhancing equipment. Our service teams provide you with a number of options for upgrading your systems to state of the art standards.
  Consultancy                              We can provide expert advice on your current asset condition and potential performance improvements.

  Spare Part and Repairs                                                              

Our international service network guarantees rapid assistance in the event of any necessary repairs.