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One stop solution for logistics data smooth flow

Our team of project and software engineers work on developing efficient software systems to optimize your work processes. We commit to provide quality products and services that can increase the logistics internal efficiency and enhance a collaboration with your partners along the supply chain. The solutions we provide would be embracing the international best practice, adaptive to the local environment and demonstrating a very promising return of investment to our customers.

Experience, practical knowledge and competent handling are guaranteed by specialists in data and information processing. Storage management, material flow and transport technique, data base applications are implemented in state of the art software.


Our one stop IT solutions 

Air Cargo Terminals (CARGO PROFESSIONAL)             
All processes that deal with the handling of air freight at airports can be organized and controlled by this software (Cargo Professional). Additionally, modules for process planning and optimization are available.
Loading Dock Management (TRUCK-LOG) A software application for the management and organization of large truck docks. With various, innovative functions Truck-Log is turned into a powerful planning instrument for incoming and outgoing goods.
Manual Consignment Solutions for distribution centers (MAN-LOG) A software application for mobile data entry in manually operated storage areas with integrated forklift guidance system.


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