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Airplane maintenance and assembly
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Flight Catering Logistics
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Air Cargo Logistics
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Baggage Handling
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Airport logistics

World-leading technology for air cargo handling facilities

Lödige reference projects around the world bear imposing evidence to our understanding of air cargo and baggage handling systems and facilities. To understand and incorporate customers' requirements is very important to us and we are eager to work closely with you to plan and develop entirely new facilities, the expansion of existing systems, or maintenance and operation.

Our products and systems represent maximum quality and reliability. 


Air cargo             
The range of services extends from equipping small depots with specialist conveyor systems to implementing fully automated cargo hubs.
Baggage handling systems Sorting and loading systems for baggage items which can be adapted to specific requirements in terms of throughput and sorting capacity.
Catering logistics Compact storage and transport system solution for airport kitchens where space is at a premium.
Airplane maintenance and assembly
Storage systems for aircraft parts, tools, lifting and working platforms for assembling and maintaining aircraft also form part of our service offerings.
Parcel handling
High-throughput and space-saving logistical systems for handling parcels and courier cargo at airports.

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